Progressive Snapshot

Q. How does a customer get a discount?
A. Customers could earn a discount of up to 30 percent per vehicle they enroll in Snapshot. The discount is based on how, when, and how much they drive, and is applied at the vehicle level.

Q. What is the total benefit of participating in Snapshot?
A. The total discount could be up to 30 percent per vehicle and is based on the customer’s driving behavior. He or she can only save money with Snapshot; the rate will not increase based on information collected from the Snapshot tool.

Q. How does the discount work?
A. The discount is based on the customer’s driving data as collected by the Snapshot tool. Once the customer plugs in the tool and begins driving, they can track their discount online. After 30 days they’ll get an initial discount; at renewal they’ll set their Snapshot discount percentage, at which time they need to unplug and return the gadget to Progressive.

Q. Is there a minimum discount?
A. Customers may earn a discount ranging from 0 to 30 percent. Some customers may not qualify for a discount based on their driving habits.

Q. Is there a fee or potential surcharge with Snapshot?
A. There is no fee to enroll in Snapshot. However, if a customer does not return the Snapshot tool, either at renewal or after opting out of the program, we’ll charge them a $50 fee.

Learn how to set up Snapshot

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